How Do I Evacuate Steam From My Building?

Method 1: Cupola

Cupola at Smoky LakeAt the Smoky Lake showroom in Hilbert, Wisconsin, we open a cupola in our roof to evacuate steam. This allows us to actually see the steam rising from the pan(s). Sometimes a small amount of condensation will drip down from the ceiling, but nothing too major. We have to open/close the doors of the cupola based on the direction of the wind that day. This helps us mitigate any down draft that could push steam back into the building. We also keep our front door open slightly. This alters the pressure in the building enough to encourage the steam to evacuate through the roof.

Method 2: Steam Hood

Fitted Hood for a Raised Flue Pan SetA steam hood captures the steam generated from the boiling maple sap. Any condensation that develops inside the hood is captured in gutters and drained from the system. A properly sized thimble at the top of the hood connects to stainless steel stack pipe. The stack pipe extends straight up through the roof until it clears the roof peak.  Hoods are made to fit tight to the dimensions of the pan, and there are access doors available on the left and right sides. Hoods are available for all styles of pans (flat pan, hybrid pan, pan sets, etc). These hoods work great with the Smoky Lake Sap Preheater.

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