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Pans With Flues

October 1, 2018

More flues means more surface area of your pan will be in contact with the heat from your firebox. This will allow more heat to be transferred to your boiling sap, drastically increasing the evaporation rate. The flues will increase fuel efficiency because you are able to utilize more of the heat before it exits into the stack pipe.

Flue Pans By Smoky Lake

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Matthew Critchfield

June 23, 2020

I have a 2×8 homemade arch, but it would only allow for 5″ drop flues. I like the drop flue pans for the simplicity, can you custom make a set of pans with that instead of the 7 inch flues?

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Jason Reist

November 29, 2020

Can you please talk about the difference between raised flues and drop flues? Which is better, why should you choose one over the other?

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December 21, 2020

If BUDGET is a main consideration, you may lean toward Drop Flue. It has slightly lower cost; in part because it employs only one Float Box, while Raised Flue requires two Float Boxes. Having a single Float Box makes the system slightly more straight
forward to operate as well.

Next, what SIZE evaporator are you envisioning? If larger than a 2′ x 6′, we typically encourage a Raised Flue Pan Set. This is because the head pressure from the Raised Flue Pan will allow sap to recover more quickly in the Front Pan whenever you draw off syrup.

Check out pages 15 – 16 of our new 2021 catalog which helps compare the difference between Drop Flue and Raised Flue:


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