Domed Cast Iron Grates Vs Steel Grates

Steel Grates

Standard Grates in a Corsair Arch

Each V-shaped grate in the Smoky Lake Steel Grates have been positioned for optimal performance and enhanced life expectancy. These grates keep combustibles elevated, and prevent most coals from falling through to the floor.

Steel grates come standard with all Corsair, Dauntless and StarCat evaporators.

Domed Cast Iron Grates

Forced Draft Kit includes domed grates

Cast iron, as a material, does not have a fiber body. Therefore, when heated, does not have tendency to warp. The perforations in each domed grate are placed in a way to create the most turbulence within the firebox to generate the most heat. Remember the 3 “T”s of combustion — Time, Temperature, and TURBULENCE.

Domed Cast Iron Grates come standard with the Smoky Lake Forced Draft Kit. They also come standard in all Silverplate evaporators.

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