Float Boxes

NOTE: At this time, some of our handcrafted equipment is experiencing extended lead times due to global shortages of some raw materials. Please feel free to contact us regarding questions of current inventory/availability (920-202-4500). Otherwise, the most efficient way to reserve your position in our fulfillment queue is to place your order here on the website and we’ll make sure you are able to hit the ground running next maple season. Thank you!

Types of Float Boxes

  1. Inlet Float Box: This regulates raw sap coming into the pan. It is generally connected to a preheater or head tank.
  2. Transfer Float Box: This is a secondary float box is required only in Raised Flue Pan Sets to regulate the depth of sap in the front pan. Raised Flue Pan Sets use both an Inlet Float Box and a Transfer Float Box.

Selecting the Correct Float Box

In order to make sure your Float Box connects to your pan flawlessly, make sure to select the Float Box that is labeled with your pan style. If you do not see your pan style listed below — or if you are unsure — do not hesitate to call us at (920) 202-4500 or email us. We are happy to help!

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