Corsair with Raised Flue Pan Set and Same Side Reverse System
360 Corsair with Raised Flue Pan Set and Same Side Reverse System Same Side Reverse System on a Raised Flue Pan Set Raised Flue Pan Set with SSR Configuration Close Up of an SSR System. Running a second thermometer is optional. Accessory Kit for a Raised Flue Pan Set with Standard Configuration Standard Grates in a Corsair Arch Underside of a Raised Flue Pan Set - Looking into a Corsair Firebox Airtight Corsair Firebox Door It's easy to add a blower to the Corsair Arch Draft Door on a Corsair Arch video

Corsair Evaporator w/Raised Flue Pan Set, Same Side Reverse – Customize It!

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Pan Instructions Bricking a Corsair Arch


  • High Output Flue Pan
    • Flues = 7″ Deep
    • Wall Height = 21″
      (Includes a contoured profile for added strength)
    • 360º Built-In Handles
    • Stainless steel divider
      (Promotes steady, continuous flow and more regular draw-offs)
    • Inlet Float Box w/Fittings & Drain
      (Auto-regulates sap depth in the Flue Pan. Customize your drain port accessory in the options below.)
  • Cross Flow Front Pan
    • Same Side Reverse System
      (Reverse the flow simply by flipping two handles. Learn more.)
    • Positive Draw-Off Boxes with Angled Accessory Ports
    • Built-in 360º Handles
    • Optimal Rear Syrup Draw-Off
      (Finished syrup is drawn off at the rear of the Syrup Pan where the heat is most concentrated)
    • Structurally Formed-in Syrup Pan Dividers
    • 12″ wall height
    • Transfer Float Box w/Fittings & Drain
      (Auto-regulates sap depth in the Front Pan. Customize your drain port accessory in the options below.)
  • Free Accessory Pack Included!
    (Customize your evaporator below for details!)
  • Additional Features and Benefits
    • 22 ga. Mirror Finish Stainless Steel
    • Smooth, Hemmed Edges
    • Lifetime Limited Warranty on TIG Welds
    • Handcrafted in USA
    • Quick Start Guide

NOTE: Hoods/Lids, Sight Glass(es), Auto Draw Off Systems, Branched Valve Assemblies, Forced Draft Kits and Preheaters are sold separately. Customize your evaporator it in the steps below.

Corsair Arch

This revolutionary evaporator design is fully convertible from conventional draft to forced draft in an instant. The airtight front gives you a critical advantage in efficiency and performance whether you’re running the forced air kit or if you choose to keep things simple with natural aspiration. 

The large loading door nicely compliments the large combustion chamber. This air-tight door will help prevent cold air from being pulled along the bottom of pan, negatively effecting evaporation rate and efficiency. 

The Corsair arch is fully steel framed. The entire perimeter is built as strong as possible, giving you confidence when filling the pans above it with your precious liquid and igniting an intense fire inside it. Additionally, the arch fits the geometry of whatever pan set you plan to use on it, forcing the pan to take full advantage of the heat created within. 

As of May 2, 2022, we are transitioning all of our Corsair Arches to include the Stainless Steel Upgrade. This feature is loved not only for its aesthetic beauty, but most important for its durability. Stainless steel resists rust and is extremely resilient in intense heat. It is guaranteed to outlive galvanized steel.

As of Summer 2023, all Corsair Arches include the precut brick kit upgrade as a standard feature.

The Stainless Steel upgrade applies to the Corsair Arch Sides, Base Stack and Stack Pipe as called out in the photo below.

Insulating the Arch

See our Brick and Insulation support pages for more information about brick configurations. We also offer a support guide for Brick Batter (High Temp Mortar).


Four Reasons the Door Design is Critical

1Competitor doors/fireboxes are often much too small. In contrast, the 16″ x 16″ Corsair doorway makes it easier to load wood, and generate more heat.

2If you ever want to upgrade to Forced Draft — either now or in the future — you need an airtight door. With Corsair, you’re all set.

Regardless whether you have Forced Draft or Natural Draft, an airtight door increases efficiency. A leaky door works against you by allowing cold air to enter the firebox and cool your pans.

4Our competitors’ cast iron door fronts have been cracking since the 1800s. The Smoky Lake Corsair door will not. We guarantee it.

Compare the Durability

Forced Draft Kit Option

Forced Draft Kit includes domed gratesBENEFITS:

  • Much higher evaporation rate compared to natural draft.
  • Easier to burn larger/unseasoned wood. This means you won’t have to cut your firewood as fine and you can burn wood that is less perfect.
  • Increased agility. You will be able to shut down your evaporator much faster because it allows firewood to burn quicker and more completely.


The forced draft option includes upgraded domed cast iron grates and an electric blower. If ordered at this time, the blower will come pre-mounted to the arch. Otherwise, if you order the arch as conventional draft, the back of the Corsair firebox will include a perforated knock out and mounting studs to accommodate a forced air kit in the future. If the time comes when you need more performance, just remove the knock out, mount the blower and replace the steel grates with the kit’s new perforated, domed cast iron grates.

Standard Configuration Vs Same Side Reverse System

Standard Configuration vs Same Side Reverse System

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