Dauntless Evaporator with Drop Flue Pan Set
Dauntless Evaporator with Drop Flue Pan Set Dauntless Bricks Installed Hose Kit Connecting Float Box and Warming Pan on a Dauntless Evaporator Float Box with Hose Kit Dauntless Drop Flue Pan Set with Float Box video

Dauntless Evaporator with Drop Flue Pan Set – Customize It!

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This model is being replaced by the Dauntless All-In-One Hybrid.


Path of Sap in a Dauntless Drop Flue Pan Set

This evaporator is rated for 30 – 95 taps.
Estimated evaporation rate is 15 – 20+ gallons per hour.
Sap volume required for 2″ depth = 8.7 gallons + 13.8 gallon capacity Warming Pan

Note: Bricks and the optional accessories are available separately. Customize this evaporator below.


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Now the supreme quality and performance of American-made evaporators from Smoky Lake Maple Products can be enjoyed by the smallest hobby level maple syrup producer on the most modest of budgets. We’ve achieved this feat through large scale mass production of a proven, bolt-together design. Assembly is made easy through precision fitment of quality parts. Best of all, the Dauntless is built as an expandable platform, allowing the evaporator’s production rate to be increased as the operator’s tap count increases.

Just like the larger, professional-grade Evaporators offered by Smoky Lake, the Dauntless features an insulated airtight door, forcing combustion air to be drawn through the fire from underneath while keeping cold air from leaking in and cooling the underside of the pans. The Dauntless arch is even 100% insulated with 1″ thick ceramic fiber insulation. This channels the heat into the sap while keeping the sides of the arch at a safe temperature. The combustion chamber is then lined with cut-free firebrick to ensure longevity.

The producer has the option to crown the Dauntless arch with any one of three styles of 20″ wide x 4′ long pan systems. The three pan systems, can be swapped out at any time as the maple producer’s needs change or their tap count grows. The versatility of the Dauntless is unmatched by any other brand. Dauntless allows the producer to buy the arch (firebox) one time, then make smaller investments/upgrades/adjustments as their needs change.

Product Support

Optional Add-Ons:

  • Float Box and Hose Kit
  • Lids
  • Sight Glass
  • 90º Elbow for Draw-Off and/or 45º Cut Spout for Draw-Off
  • Wheels (Castors or Straight Runners)

5 reviews for Dauntless Evaporator with Drop Flue Pan Set – Customize It!

  1. Bruce Schepers

    Boils sap like mad. Worth it to go with the drop flue pan. This thing makes making syup fun. Great service from Jim and his crew.

  2. Nick

    Just wrapped up my first boil, no disappointment here. Service and delivery was excellent. Would recommend to anyone

    • Angela

      Thanks, Nick!

  3. L John

    “Off the Charts” happy with this evaporator!!! Was concerned the backlog of orders would mean I did not get my Dauntless in time for the start of the season heeyah in New England but they got it to me in plenty of time. Delivery was prompt and communications were perfect. It went together easily. Not a thing missing. Did break off one of the bolts though so do not over tighten them. Otherwise it was perfect. Fired it up yesterday on a test run (2/14/21). WOW! And WOW! I built a small suger house for this so I had to design and build an exhaust stack – which meant I did not use the Smokey Lake stack – but it drew through my 20 foot exhaust like the best wood stove I have ever had and the smoke was clean and clear. Efficient combustion. I was mildly anxious about the floating of the pans on the top of the unit (I have the drop flu pan system) but the weight of the sap and syrup kept everything in place. First boil was a wrap in 5 hours and it worked perfectly! A little channel around the pans would make me more comfortable but its a small issue and something to assuage my personal anxiety. I’ll add it for comfort but its not necessary. It worked beautifully and is thoroughly designed. And it is so well insulated I held my hand 6 inches away from the side wall and could barely feel the warmth – contrast that with the length of single wall stove pipe leading to the chimney pipe which was uninsulated and hot. So . . . thoroughly and thoughtfully designed. A+++++++++++++++++

    • Angela

      Great feedback. Enjoy your season! Thanks!

  4. Gary O’Dell

    I learned how to make cane syrup from some old timers in Clewiston Florida in the 1990’s working for US Sugar Corporation. I’ve had a passion for making syrup ever since. When I moved back to my 40 acres in NW Missouri, I boiled sap from my black walnut trees in a small flat steam pan using propane. This 2022 season I broke down and ordered a Smoky Lake Dauntless drop flue pan evaporator. All I can say after my first day of boiling black walnut sap is WOW! what was I thinking before! I have never bought a piece of equipment that was as flawlessly engineered and built than my Dauntless evaporator. It assembled perfectly and boils sap like I’ve never seen before. Smoky lake’s support is second to none. When you call them you actually get a live person that answers the phone, and their knowledge is superb! I would never purchase a syrup evaporator from any other company. By the way, my black walnut syrup comes out of my Dauntless evaporator tasting better than any maple syrup I’ve ever tasted!

  5. Bob mochinski

    Excellent evaporator. Tremendously efficient. Only option i didnt get was forced air. Maybe next year

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