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Filter-Finisher-Bottler Pan with Valve, Thermometer and Filter Set

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  • Filter-Finisher-Bottler Pan
  • Filter Tray with Maple Design
  • Lid with Handle
  • Drip Resistant Tomlinson Valve
  • 3″ Dial Thermometer, 0 – 250ºF scale
  • Precut Filter Set

If you are going to be using this pan for bottling, take a look at our Complete Steam Bottler. The Complete Steam Bottler bundles this Filter-Finish-Bottler Pan with a Steam Tray and Heat Source. (For the heat source, you have the option of electric or gas-fired). These additional components help maintain your syrup temperature for bottling and also eliminate the hot spots which can generate sugar sand in your clean syrup.


Popular Upgrades

Bottling Valve Reducer

The Bottle Valve Reducer is an insert which fits inside the Tomlinson Bottling Valve. It makes it easier to fill bottles with smaller mouths.


Add 1/2" Fitting, Elbow and Cam Lock to Lid

As shown in our Barrel to Bottle video series, we can add a fitting to the lid of your bottler which will allow you to connect the Hose Kit from your Filter Press. This modification would include an Elbow and Cam Lock for easy on and off connection.


The Filter-Finisher-Bottler pans are built out of 22ga mirror finish stainless steel. A Filter Tray, Cover, Drip Resistant Tomlinson Valve and 3″ Dial Thermometer are included with every unit.

Flat Filters are an enormous upgrade from cone filters. When using Flat Filters, you will have a base filter made of a thicker material called Orlon and several thinner Prefilters will be stacked on top of it. When a Prefilter clogs, shimmy it out and the syrup will flow through again. When the next filter clogs, shimmy out the next one. The Prefilter material is composite and can be reused. They rinse very well.  Never just run your syrup directly into the base filter unless you have very little to filter.

The Steam Pan is an excellent way to keep syrup warm for bottling. The Steam Pan is to be filled with water and placed beneath the Filter-Finisher-Bottler Pan. The steam evenly warms the bottom of the Filter-Finisher-Bottler Pan to prevent the generation of sugar sand.

16″ x 16″ x 12″ = 13.25 gallons capacity

12″ x 12″ x 10″ = 6.5 gallons capacity

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

16" x 16" x 12", 12" x 12" x 10"

7 reviews for Filter-Finisher-Bottler Pan with Valve, Thermometer and Filter Set

  1. T. Amman, Cross Plains, Wisconsin

    Jim, the 12×12 filter & steam pan worked very well. Yesterday we canned 18 quarts in less than 30 minutes. Flow through those flat filters was impressive. Each spring, final filtering and canning has been a bottle-neck in the syrup making process for us. Your well-designed filter pan and steam pan has eliminated that bottle-neck. Thanks again for a well made product and all your help.

  2. Rick Mayer, Guilford, CT

    Thanks for processing my order so quickly. The Filter/Finisher/Bottler make the final stage of my syrup production “flow” so efficiently. Having the steam pan will only enhance the process.
    Thanks and you have a great night also.
    Rick Mayer

  3. U.P. Maple LLC

    This is our second season using the 16×16 Filter, Finisher, Bottler with Steam Pan. The Steam Pan is an important part of this combo. It’s quite easy to burn the syrup without it.

    The craftsmanship and quality of this equipment is very impressive. Great Value for the money. The high quality 22 gauge stainless steel cleans up easily and has a mirror shine. We continue to be very happy with all of our Smoky Lake Maple Products and look forward to buying more in the future.

    U.P. Maple LLC
    Munising, MI

  4. R. Mutter

    This is our first year using the 12X12 Filter and Bottler. We filled 20 0z. bottles in under an hour, with only two filter changes. Very impressed with this simple but, effective system. We should have purchased the Steam Tray. It will purchased for next year.

  5. Thomas Bronz

    Hey Smoky Lake,
    Great product from a great team!
    We love our 12×12 filter/finisher/bottler with the standard steam pan. Perfect for knocking off a few gallons from our small operation. We’ve been able to bottle in glass without sediment. It has made the task so much easier and more efficient.

    The craftsmanship and attention to detail is outstanding.

    Thanks Jim and Angela, you’re the greatest.

    Creekwood Maple Farms
    Saugatuck, Michigan

  6. Mark Lattanzi

    Love this setup. SO MUCH BETTER than those awful, clog-prone cones! It saves time, reduces hassle and makes my syrup sparkle!

  7. Mike

    Bought a 12″×12″ last season with a gas fired steam tray, this thing works amazingly and my syrup turned out very nice.
    Unit itself looks very nice and seems well built. Thank you smokey lake!

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