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Steam Tray with Refill Tube

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Using a Steam Tray is an excellent way to keep your syrup warm because it heats the bottom of your syrup pan evenly. By avoiding hot spots on the bottom of your syrup pan, you can avoid sugar sand from forming.

Simply fill the Steam Tray with water and then place your filter/finisher/bottler pan on top of it. We offer two different styles of pans. The regular style Steam Tray would be used on a stove-top or with a gas-fired burner. The electric style Steam Tray is fitted with a 115 volt, 1500 watt heating element with thermostat. This style of Steam Tray is 1.5″ deeper and includes rubber, nonskid feet.




Instructions and Tips

Download the Steam Bottler Manual for information pertaining to the Steam Tray, in addition to all other components of the Complete Steam Bottler.

Complete Steam Bottler Instructions

The Complete Steam Bottler system is available at a discounted price:

Other Steam Bottler Components and Accessories:


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16 x 16, 12 x 12


Regular (Compatible with gas burner which is sold separately.), Electric (Includes Rubber Feet and Heating Element)

3 reviews for Steam Tray with Refill Tube

  1. T. Amman, Cross Plains, Wisconsin

    Jim, the 12×12 filter & steam pan worked very well. Yesterday we canned 18 quarts in less than 30 minutes. Flow through those flat filters was impressive. Each spring, final filtering and canning has been a bottle-neck in the syrup making process for us. Your well-designed filter pan and steam pan has eliminated that bottle-neck. Thanks again for a well made product and all your help.

  2. B. Walp, New York

    The steam pan is a thing of beauty. I can’t wait to use it.

  3. Michael White

    I have a 16×16 bottler made by Dominion and Grimm. The kit I bought did not come with a steam tray and after inquiring with my local maple supply store I found out that they did have them but they were over $200. This steam tray from Smokey Lake is a thing of craftsmanship and fit the D&G pan perfectly!

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