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16x16 Filter Tray Steam Bottler Components
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Filter Tray w/Maple Leaf Design– (To Fit a 16″ x 16″ Steam Bottler)


This Filter Tray is compatible with our 16″ x 16″ Steam Bottler and/or our 16″ x 16″ Filter/Finisher/Bottler Pan. It is also compatible with our Vacuum Filter Applicator.

  • 304 stainless steel, rust resistant
  • Handcrafted in Hilbert, Wisconsin
  • For use with Flat Filter Sets
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Flat Filter Trays help make filtering and bottling a very streamlined process. Filtered syrup collects your Smoky Lake Bottler where you can test and fine tune density. From there, syrup can be immediately bottled/enjoyed.

Filter Trays for Steam Bottlers

These premium filter trays are laser cut with our Smoky Lake leaf design. They are 304 Stainless Steel and professionally formed/crafted by our artisans in Hilbert, Wisconsin. The trays are very easy to clean.


Filter Trays for Water-Jacketed Bottlers

These premium filter trays feature a mirror finish stainless steel framework, professionally TIG welded by our craftsmen in Hilbert, Wisconsin. The filtering mesh is rust resistant expanded stainless steel with smooth hand-filed edges. The filtering mesh is securely fastened to the framework with spot welds. Last but not least, all welds are polished by hand to bring out the beauty of the materials.




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