Galvanized Smoke Stack Pipe, 5-ft length, various diameters
Galvanized Smoke Stack Pipe, 5-ft length, various diameters Galvanized pipe has an easy snap seam

Galvanized Smoke Stack Pipe, 5′ length, 10″ Diameter


Single-wall Smoke Stack Pipe made from 26 gauge galvanized steel.

Sold in 5-foot sections and various diameters.

Seams are easy-snap.

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General Guidelines for Determining Smoke Stack Diameter Size:

  • 8″ Smoke Stack Pipe – Good size for conventional 2′ wide evaporators with natural draft
  • 10″ Smoke Stack Pipe – Good for use with Smoky Lake’s 2′ wide high output pan sets and forced draft OR with a conventional 3′ wide evaporator
  • 12″ Smoke Stack Pipe – Good for use with 3′ or wider evaporator.

Our single-wall, galvanized smoke stack pipe comes only in 5-foot sections. We do not offer custom sizes of galvanized stack pipe at this time.

Calculating Total Length:

Each time you join two sections together, keep in mind that you will loose approximately 2″ of total height because of the way the sections inter-lock together. For example, after joining two 5-foot sections, the total height ends up being about 4’10” (10 feet minus 2 inches).

Shipping Notes:

If ordering more than one section of pipe, the pipe sections may be shipped nested together to decrease volume. After you receive the shipment, the nested sections are easily separated from one another. Each section simply snaps together to form a closed cylinder.

Pros and Cons of Galvanized vs Stainless Steel:

The main benefit galvanized stack pipe is that it is much more economical than stainless steel. The benefit of stainless steel is that it will last much longer than the galvanized variety. Galvanized can be expected to last 3-7 years while stainless pipe should last the life of your evaporator.

One disadvantage of using galvanized is that it is not considered a food grade material. Because of this, you should use galvanized stack pipe for smoke stacks only and use stainless stacks for your steam hoods. The disadvantage of stainless steel stack pipes is that there is a greater up front cost

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