Maple Syrup Hydrometer
Maple Syrup Hydrometer The old way vs. Murphy

Maple Syrup Hydrometer



  • 9.75″ length
  • Dual declaration (both brix and baumes)
  • Includes instruction sheet and compensation chart
  • Calibrated at 60° F
  • HOT TEST and COLD TEST targets
  • Works great with our Standard Test Cup OR Murphy Compensation Cup

These items are available at a discount with purchase of a syrup hydrometer

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*Also works for Cane Syrup!

This dual declaration hydrometer (Brix and Baume) is specially made for maple syrup production.

Red marks make it easy to perform both hot and cold tests. Calibrated at 60° F.

We have tested and proven our hydrometers to be of utmost accuracy. They are shipped via USPS and come in a very sturdy, clear plastic tube. Unlike most cardboard shipping containers, these tubes will not fall apart if they get wet, and they are resilient enough to be used for hydrometer storage year after year.

Hydrometers for testing maple sap are also available.

Instructions and Compensation Chart

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 16 in


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