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Smoky Lake Responds to the Coronavirus

March 15, 2020

Smoky Lake Maple Products is Following CDC Guidelines to Protect Customers, Crew Members and Suppliers During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We understand that your business/life must carry on, and we continue to operate during usual business hours to serve your needs. As we maintain usual shop hours, we have also escalated precautionary measures to make shopping with us as safe as can be.

Smoky Lake will be following hygiene measures communicated by the CDC. We encourage staff members to stay home if they feel ill and encourage medical attention to anyone with flu-like symptoms. As a team, we continue common sense practices such as periodic hand washing or covering sneezes/coughs. Our staff also makes rounds throughout the day, applying disinfectants as appropriate to surfaces where viruses are known to live for an extended time. Smoky Lake has also cancelled upcoming large-scale events as recommended.

We are keeping items in stock and ready to go. Our pricing remains fair and stable. We’d never use a national hardship as an excuse to price gouge — ever.

Despite the extra precautions we’re taking, we understand some folks are choosing to not go out in public during this time. Remember, we can still serve you online at and by phone at (920) 202-4500. In fact, we are further accelerating our turn-around time for online orders during this time.

We appreciate your business, and we share your concerns. We are staying tuned to CDC updates and will remain committed to following any new guidelines as they develop.

Your Partners in Maple,
Jim and Angela Schumacher
Owners of Smoky Lake Maple Products

Response to the Coronavirus

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Aaron Staeven

April 2, 2020

good morning,
I just used my steam canner and Murphy cup for the first time this past week and loved it. Thank you for such good equipment. I have received a quote for full evaporator, but to this day I am still struggling with what size I want to go when I pull the trigger. Since last quote I have implemented a small RO and it has drastically cut time and wood for cooking. I do not want to go so large that I do not get quality shack time. I guess my question for you as I do not recall the answer is, does the quoted evaporation rates on your sites for various pans and evaporators include forced air (blower)? It seems to me that I recall that the blower will increase performance to up to 50% and that could make a difference in what size and options I purchase in the future. Thanks



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