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Inlet Float Box

September 24, 2018


Inlet Float Boxes can be used with any style pan except for Flat Pans. They also come standard on all Smoky Lake Drop Flue Pan Sets and Raised Flue Pan Sets.

The fitting on the top of the Float Box (to connect to a head tank of raw sap) is a female 3/4″ NPT. This fitting is compatible with the Smoky Lake quick release Hose Kits. Float boxes are also compatible with the Deluxe Sight Glass for Float Box.


How To Adjust The Depth

Major sap depth adjustments can be made by moving the arm to a different slot on the regulator. Minor adjustments can be made with the screw on the top of the regulator.


Archived Float Box Video

Below is an older video, but still contains some good information. Only minor things have changed since this footage was shot. For example, the stem of the Float Boxes are now sealed instead of vented.

Raw sap flows into the float box from a nearby head tank. The float box then maintains your specified level of sap in the boiling pan. Depths can also be changed/adjusted at any time during a boil.


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Lori Meyer

April 27, 2019

Very informative on the placement, setup and workings of the float box.

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Jerry Adams

January 26, 2021

How do you connect it to the divided pan? I am trying to figure this out. I bought a dauntless with divided pan and a float box.

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Tom Davidson

September 9, 2022

Do you offer a lid for the Star Cat float box?

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September 12, 2022

Hello. Thanks for reaching out. We have discontinued lids for Float Boxes.

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howard slocum

March 3, 2023

when shutting down what do I need to do to the float box? drain?

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March 4, 2023

Hi Howard,
You can learn more about shutting down here:


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