Drop Flue Pan Set

Drop Flue Pan Set – High Output

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High Output Flue Pan

This pan is placed at the back of your arch, closest to the smoke stack.

  • Ten 7″ drop flues — Adds amazing efficiency
  • Drain manifold allows you to completely and effortlessly drain the flues
  • Wall height is 14″ above the flues to contain the violent boil
  • Contoured walls add strength to the pan
  • Full length, built-in handles make it easy to pick up the pan
  • Mirror finish, stainless steel divider down the middle

Cross Flow Front Pan

This pan is placed at the front of your arch, above the firebox.

  • Draw off boxes to promote positive drain
  • Wall height is 12″
  • Reversible flow
  • 3 compartments (or 4 compartments if upgrading to the same side reverse system)
  • 1-1/2″ stainless steel draw off valve with sanitary clamp fitting and gasket
  • Thermometer port with 3″ Dial Maple Thermometer
  • Additional instrument port can be used with an Auto Draw-Off System

Additional Features/Benefits

  • TWO Stiffened Gaskets — These will seal any gap between the front and back pans as well as behind the flue pan
  • Mirror Finish 22 gauge Stainless Steel — more efficient than our competitors’ thicker gauges of stainless steel
  • Inlet Float Box w/Fittings, Drain, and Connection for Optional Sight Glass
  • Filed, Hemmed Edges with 360º Handles on Both Pans
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty on all TIG Welds
  • Free Shipping

Popular Sizes (w x l) Evaporation Rating Average Number of Taps
2′ x 4′ 25 – 55+ 75 – 250
2′ x 6′ 40 – 70+ 200 – 500
2′ x 8′ 55 – 95+ 325 – 750

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Standard Configuration Versus Same Side Reverse System

The Drop Flue Pan Set diagrams below illustrate the difference between a Drop Flue Pan Set with and without Same Side Reverse. On the standard configuration, you can reverse the flow of sap in the front pan by turning it 180º. In contrast, the Same Side Reverse System allows you to change direction of flow without ever moving the pan or dealing with plugs. You would simply swing the handles of two specialized Ball Valves.

The purpose of reversing the flow in the front pan is to eliminate the build-up of sediments on the floor of the pan. The frequency in which you will need to reverse the flow is dependent upon the speed at which sediments are being deposited the floor of the front pan. Typical volume of sediment varies greatly from region to region.

Standard Vs SSR on a Drop Flue Pan Set



Freight Shipping

Note that the speed of freight shipping is dependent on our current inventory, the destination, the weather and also our freight carriers’ current load volumes. Please provide a commercial shipping address if possible. We will let you know if we foresee any problems. See freight terms for more details.

I’m so sorry we cannot ship these pans to Canada for free. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

3 reviews for Drop Flue Pan Set – High Output

  1. Will Ewen

    I bought the 2×4 drop flue set with same side reverse. I also added the sight glass for the float box (highly recomended). Customer service and craftsmanship are 2nd to none! Even on my home made arch I’m getting 30 gal/hour and some of the nicest syrup I’ve ever made! The more I use this set, the more I realize how much thought went into the design. Smoky Lake has a life long customer in me!

  2. james&sundy stanford

    We have a 2×8. Hitting 90 gallons/hour with dry slab wood. The blower makes awesome heat available for boiling. 10 – 20 gallons syrup each day. Simply enjoyable to use. 2019 season is about done, cannot wait for next year!!!

  3. Lyle & Patti Bauer

    I went into Smoky Lakes looking to upgrade. After talking to Jim and giving him the information he needed we came out with a 2 x 5 drop flue pan set we also added a sight glass on the float box, awesome feature to keep a eye on your sap level. We put it all on a corsair arch and upgraded it all to stainless steel. We have had great customer service willing to answer any questions we had and the quality of their product is top notch. I managed to boil 35 to 40 gallons per hour off of natural draft. Such an upgrade to go from boiling all weekend to getting it done in one day. Loving my Smoky Lakes boiler and I can’t wait for next season.

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