Glass Bottles Vs Plastic Bottles

Each producer has their own personal preference. Glass and plastic each have their pros and cons. The lists below will help you weigh the differences so that you can choose the best fit for your specific situation.

Glass Bottles


  1. Traditional
  2. Shows the clarity of well-filtered syrup
  3. Color of the syrup is visible (color communicates flavor)
  4. Easy to sanitize
  5. Recyclable
  6. Maintains flavor


  1. Be careful shipping glass! It is fragile and needs to be well-cushioned!
  2. Imperfections in clarity and/or crystals from over-dense syrup are visible.
  3. It is possible for color to become slightly darker over time if it is not kept in the dark.1

Plastic Bottles


  1. Very durable for shipping/transporting
  2. Lightweight (Could potentially save you money on shipping costs)
  3. Bottles usually come pre-printed with various information such as product name, storage instructions, nutrition facts, ingredients, and fun facts about syrup. This saves you the cost of separate sticker labels. (You will still need to label each bottle with your name and address.)


  1. Plastic hides the beauty of your syrup
  2. Plastic can begin to impart an off flavor after about 3 to 6 months.
  3. Plastic often costs more than glass bottles
  4. The pre-printed label does not differentiate your brand from others


1 “Selecting Storing and Serving Ohio Maple Syrup”, authors: Barbara Drake and Julie Kennel Shertzer, cited on 6-3-19

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