Caring For Flat Filters

Flat Filters can be reused over and over as long as they are properly cared for and they aren’t torn or otherwise damaged.

Rinse with hot water before and after each use. Do NOT use soap. Detergents can leave residue in the fibers which would cause off-flavors in your syrup.

Do NOT wring dry. It could weaken the fibers of the filters.

Store in a clean, dry, odorless location.

Flat Filter Products By Smoky Lake

  • Bottling Valve Reducer

    Bottling Valve Reducer

  • Clear Observation Tube

    Clear Observation Tube (For a Vacuum System)

  • Tomlinson Valve

    Tomlinson Valve

  • Filter Tray, Plain Design, 12x12

    Filter Tray – (To Fit a 12″ x 12″ Steam Bottler)

  • 16x16 Filter Tray

    Filter Tray w/Maple Leaf Design– (To Fit a 16″ x 16″ Steam Bottler)

  • Steam Tray Options

    Steam Tray with Refill Tube

    From: $205.00
  • Electric Heating Element 120V

    Electric Heating Element, 115V, 1500W

  • Vacuum Filter Applicator for 16x16 Steam Bottler

    Vacuum Filter Applicator System

  • Filter-Finisher-Bottler Pan with Valve, Thermometer and Filter Set

    From: $580.00
  • Steam Bottlers

    Complete Steam Bottler System for Maple Syrup – Customize It!

    From: $912.00