Beginner Tapping Kit
Beginner Tapping Kit Food Grade Collection Bag for Sap Reusable Stainless Steel Spouts for Buckets and Bags Wind Resistant Bag Holders Wind Resistant Bag Holders Rita and River use Bag Holders Tapping a Maple Tree video video

Beginner Tapping Kit (5 SS Taps + 5 Bag Holders + 5 Disposable Bags)

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This kit contains all the maple equipment required to tap five maple trees. All you will need is a common household drill with 5/16 drill bit, a hammer and some maple trees. The illustrated instruction guide contains a tree identification section. It will also explain various methods of boiling, filtering and bottling.


Get outside with friends and family this Spring and make your very own maple syrup!

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1 review for Beginner Tapping Kit (5 SS Taps + 5 Bag Holders + 5 Disposable Bags)

  1. Erin Shives

    I loved this kit! This was my first go at making maple syrup and it went very very well. Collected for a week and I think I’ll end up with a liter plus of syrup. The only thing was one of the bag rings came apart but only at the end when I was taking the bags down; not enough of an issue that I would take stars away from this product. When I find more trees on my property and an ATV to drive around to the other trees to collect sap, I will be back to by more.

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