Elbow for StarCat and Dauntless Evaporators

Stove Pipe Elbow, “Break-Away”, 6″ Diameter


This is the single wall, 6″ diameter Elbow which is used on the StarCat and the Dauntless evaporator models. It has a durable 24 gauge steel construction, and is pre-painted a satin finish black. The crimped male end fits into the hub on the back of the StarCat/Dauntless arches.

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  • Thickness: 24 gauge
  • Finish: Pre-painted satin black
  • Material: Steel construction
  • Assembly Method: Pre-assembled
  • Brand: Imperial Manufacturing
  • Maximum Temperature: 800ºF
  • Minimum Clearance To Combustible Materials: 18″


  • If necessary turn the elbow segments so that it is creating a 90º angle
  • Insert the crimped male end of the elbow into the female hub on the back of the arch
  • Secure with sheet metal screws


  • Pipe is HOT during and after operation. DON’T TOUCH!
  • The minimum clearance to combustible materials is 18″.
  • Stack pipe should always be supported/secured.

Additional information

Weight 3.05 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 6 × 6 in


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