Replacement Glass Tubes
Replacement Glass Tubes Sight Glass Sticker

Replacement Glass Tube


These glass tubes are replacement parts for Smoky Lake Sight Glasses. The glass tubes which are used with Smoky Lake Float Boxes and StarCat Sight Glasses will include a separate measurement sticker and instructions showing how to place it on the tube. Stickers are not applicable for Water Jacketed Bottlers.

Sizes of Each Style Tube

Style of Tube Dimensions
StarCat Style 3/4″ OD x 10″ height
Float Box Style 1-1/2″ OD x 8″ height
Water Jacketed Bottler (6.5 gallon size) 3/4″ OD x 10″ height
Water Jacketed Bottler (16-gallon size) 3/4″ OD x 14″ height


NOTE: The Sight Glass sticker was updated in 2021. The sticker is transparent and the scale now goes from 1 to 3. You would never want your sap level to be lower than 1 inch. We recommend 2 inches for safe, efficient operation.

Additional information


StarCat Style (includes sticker), Float Box Style (includes sticker), Small Water Jacketed Bottler, 6.5-Gallon (sticker not applicable), Large Water Jacketed Bottler, 16-Gallon (sticker not applicable)


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