Gifts for Beginners

Happy Holidays

Why Is Maple Equipment the Perfect Christmas Gift?

Maple season is not just about the maple syrup. This is a time to reconnect. Not just with nature but also with each other. Maple season brings people together. There is really nothing else quite like it!

  • Beginner Brochure – Do It Yourself

    Beginner Backyard Sugaring – How To Make Your Own Maple Syrup

  • Maple Candy Mold

    Silicone Maple Candy Mold, 2-Piece Set (Includes Recipe Card)

  • Beginner Filtering Kit

    Beginner Filtering Kit (1 Orlon Cone Filter + 2 Cone Prefilters)

  • Beginner Tapping Kit

    Beginner Tree Tapping Kit (5 SS Taps + 5 Bag Holders + 5 Disposable Bags)

  • Beginner Density Kit

    Beginner Maple Syrup Density Kit (Syrup Hydrometer + Test Cup)


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